Outdoor Education Center

Our Outdoor Education Center, which is located on 300 secluded acres on Cape Cod, offers a wide range of programs for adults and children. We serve New England schools, youth groups, colleges and universities, corporate groups, not-for-profits, religious groups, and more. Our programs and services can be tailored to your group’s needs.

We believe an informative and enriching learning experience can be achieved by reinforcing a foundation of understanding, responsibility and values. We are dedicated to fostering an understanding and appreciation of our natural environment, building respect and empathy, and enabling individuals to be themselves. Our programs provide individuals with the opportunity to gain perspective on their actions and help them realize the positive effect they can have on the world around them.

We use an integrated and balanced approach to education, emphasizing value-based learning while exploring our relationship with the natural world. We believe an informative, fun and enriching learning experience can be achieved through a variety of programs, conducted in an outdoor setting.


For more details, please call (508) 428-2571 or email us.