Co-ed Week

During the last week of the summer, we offer a five day co-ed program that takes place at Camp Hayward. This week is jam packed with some of the best events of the summer: Dance, all camps, coed day, cookout. Campers with PKU are welcome and encouraged to attend Co-Ed Week.  Please see below for more information on our PKU camp.




Campers who attend Co-Ed Week will sign up for two one-hour interest groups upon arriving at camp that they will participate in each morning. Campers will spend each afternoon enjoying Cabin Activity Periods (CAPs) with their cabin groups. Interest groups offered include examples such as kayaking, creative arts, sports, and sailing, as well as special interest groups that are only offered this last week. Horseback riding lessons are still available during this week.



During Co-ed Week, the boys live on one side of Camp Hayward and the girls live on the other. Each side has it’s own bathhouse with toilets, sinks, indoor and outdoor showers. All of the meals are co-ed, but campers always sit with their own cabins.




Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a rare genetic disorder detected through a blood test at birth.  Children who have PKU lead normal lifestyles by maintaining a specialized diet.  Since 1997, our camp, in collaboration with Children’s Hospital in Boston, offers a coed week of specialty camp in August where children with PKU join campers with and without PKU for a totally integrated week of overnight summer camp.

This opportunity allows children with PKU the unusual opportunity to meet other children facing the same issues, while following the specific PKU diet in a normal camp environment.  Campers stay in cabins and participate in a specialty activity of their choice, such as sailing, tennis, performing arts, or horseback riding.

Meals for children with PKU are prepared by the group of volunteer staffers and professionals organized by Children’s Hospital, Boston.  Often coordinated to coincide with our traditional menu, food choices are based on medically-prescribed diets and served from a buffet style table designated for campers with PKU.  Metabolic staff and nutritionists are available at our Camp to provide low-protein meals and help prepare formula, maintain diets, and offer support.

For more information, please contact us.  To contact Children’s Hospital in Boston, please call Fran Rohr at 617-355-6516.