At Camp Burgess & Hayward, we are always working to better our camp and programs, and we would love your help! We have thoughtful, pointed projects for volunteer groups, both large and small, and are always looking for volunteers. For information regarding volunteer opportunities, or to discuss a project idea you may have, please call Gabi Tetelman at      (508) 428-2571 ext. 107 or email us.

Road Crew

The Burgess and Hayward Road Crew is a year-round volunteer opportunity offered to members of our camp community ages 9 and up. We strive to foster a greater sense of belonging, self-awareness and social responsibility by investing in service projects on camp and around Eastern Massachusetts. Road Crew is a great way for our campers to go to new places and to see how good it feels to help others, or to come to camp and help out with a project that needs some extra attention.

These single-day volunteer opportunities are offered through our camp during the course of the school year. We host 4 to 6 events per year. Each event has a different project focus. The majority of the projects focus on hunger and homelessness, community building, the environment, education, and other social issues around the Cape. Service hour documentation is provided at the conclusion of each event.

The Farm

The Farm at Camp Burgess is an educational, diversified organic operation that includes vegetable, herb, and egg production. Production continues year-round in an 800-square-foot heated greenhouse. With laying hens, five Nigerian dwarf goats, two rabbits, a  barn cat, and a honeybee observation hive, there is always something to do!

Find out more about the Burgess Farm. 

For details on Farm-specific volunteering, please call (508) 428-2571 ext. 118 or email Tara Laidlaw.


Volunteer Day

We cordially invite you to join us for our annual Volunteer Day on Saturday May 13,2017, which is a fun-filled event where we combine efforts in opening camp for the summer. It’s not all work and no play though, after all of our hard work join us for a BBQ!

Time: 9am – 1pm — We will start the day at the Hayward Pavilion and have a cookout at 1pm!

Place: Camp Hayward – 52 Pinkham Rd., Sandwich, MA 02563

For details on Volunteer Day and to register, please call Gabi Tetelman (508) 428-2571 ext. 107


With 300 acres, thousands of participants, and dozens of buildings, we are always looking for help!
A unique skill or a strong motivation to aid others can go a long way here!

For details on volunteer opportunities, please call Gabi Tetelman at (508) 428-2571 ext. 107