Outdoor Education


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Our Outdoor Education Center has developed a rich array of programs during our 25 years of operation. The center takes advantage of our unique location to offer a “place-based” education program. Typically classes are conducted in forests and meadows, on ocean beaches, on boats in our freshwater ponds, and at our on-site organic farm. We teach and learn in the outdoors as an alternative to the traditional classroom, using all of our senses to experience and learn about the world in which we live. Safety is the defining factor in all of our programs.


We work with a variety of schools and Leia Iphone 065universities, non-profit organizations, corporate groups, scouting groups, and church groups.  We provide excellent programming in the areas of team-building, recreation, environmental science, outdoor skills and adventure. Guests at Camp Burgess & Hayward have included Harvard, MIT, Eastern Bank, Boston University, Boston College, Tufts University, Brandeis University, Salem State and Framingham State Colleges.



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Each group that visits our facility has unique goals for their visit and therefore require a thoughtful and specific schedule.  We will work with your group to provide the best schedule possible to accommodate your groups needs.  A typical day during an academic overnight field trip consists of two program periods in the morning, two or three in the afternoon and one in the evening. Schedules are tailored to the group’s goals and needs.

Please see our tentative schedule here: Sample Schedule.


Teambuilding activities involve problem-solving tasks designed to help group members learn how to work together effectively.  An important part of teambuilding involves reflection and discussion about the activity, including how participants approached the situation and what they learned.

Wild WoozyTeambuilding sessions typically start with some large group games and icebreakers to get the whole group warmed up and excited to be there.  The group is then split into smaller groups of about 8-12 people/group.  Our facilitators present a series of games and challenges to the small group to help them work on communication, trust, problem solving, group planning, follow-through, leadership, and group membership.   The games are meant to be both meaningful and fun, creating a shared experience that brings the group together.


Please review our teambuilding and recreation options here: Teambuilding and Recreation.

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Our challenge course consists of many different fun and exciting parts that will provide just the right amount of challenge to fit your group.  We have an impressive 20-element low ropes course, 3 unique high-ropes courses, an 800-ft. zipline across camp, and a 30-ft. tall climbing tower.

Please learn more here: Challenge Course.


fireWe offer a wide array of environmental education classes that engage students in the local ecosystems that surround them.  We provide meaningful, hands-on learning experiences for students that lay the foundation for a positive and caring relationship with the natural environment.  Students walk away from their field trip having made exciting discoveries in the natural world, direct connections to classroom learning, and memories that last a lifetime.  Classes can be adapted or modified based on the age of the student and the needs of the school.


Please learn more about our classes offered: Classes Offered.


Lodging & Facilities

dhCamp Burgess and Hayward is located on 300 hundred acres of forests, fields, and sparkling freshwater ponds.  At the center of Camp is the 90 acre Spectacle Pond.  Our main dining hall can accommodate groups of up to 250 people.  We have both heated and unheated cabins.  View our interactive tour to see 360° views of our cabins, lodge, amphitheater, dining hall, and more.

Please learn more here: Lodging & Facilities.


For more details, please call 508-428-2571 or email us.