Teen Adventure Trips



This is a great opportunity for teens to earn up to 20 hours of community service while enhancing our Teen Adventure Trips Base Camp living space. Throughout the week, participants are encouraged to try new activities, be it exercising their green thumb, aiding in small construction projects or painting a masterpiece. Other tasks may include trail-building and maintenance, creative projects and garden/farm upkeep. Not all we do is work, though. We take abundant breaks for scheduled daily swims, siestas and camp activities, such as ziplining, climbing, boating, and evening programs. Help us kick-start the summer, while leaving a benevolent mark on our beautiful camp!

Teen Service Week Tentative Itinerary




This program is commonly referred to as our “adventure trips sampler” and combines the best of our Adventure Trips program with the best of Camp Burgess & Hayward on-site activities! Teens bike, surf, windsurf, kayak, and enjoy beach time at unique locations around Cape Cod. We also make the most of the facilities at Camp Burgess & Hayward, with scheduled waterfront, climbing tower, and high ropes sessions as well as the opportunity to partake in co-ed evening events. For those looking to experience a little bit of everything, this trip is for you!

Cape Cod Adventure Camp Tentative Itinerary

Underwater Adventures

Gain a PADI “Discover SCUBA” certificate while experiencing an adventure that is sure to be the highlight of your summer! This one-week program will introduce you to the underwater world of snorkeling and SCUBA diving right here in the protected waters of Cape Cod. Participants will attend a private program with PADI certified instructors. We will start with the basics and gradually improve our techniques and skills. We will also take some time to go Whale Watching, to enjoy the beaches along the Cape Cod National Seashore, and to partake in traditional camp activities.


Cape Surf & Stuff

Enjoy miles of unspoiled coastline while learning to surf or continuing to develop your skills under safe, professional instruction at sites along the Cape Cod National Seashore. Lessons are progressive, with each day building upon the previous one. Surfing is tide dependent, so we spend around half our day at the beach, with the other half left open to a variety of exciting outdoor pursuits. Likely activities will include any combination of the following: beach photography, painting or ceramics; high ropes or zipline; drumming; kayaking; visiting Provincetown; rock climbing; or beach yoga as well as the use of on-site program areas at camp.

Cape Surf & Stuff Tentative Itinerary



Can you survive as a castaway? We recreate this scenario on our very own Pinkham Island, located in the middle of Spectacle Pond at camp. Participants spend Monday to Thursday on the Island, with two experienced trip leaders as their guides. Their initial objective will be to obtain food, shelter and water before embarking on a series of group challenges that will arrive discretely throughout each day. Successful completion of the challenges will be acknowledged through the receipt of luxury items, surprise activities and supplies needed to build a raft so that the group may sail off of the Island at the end of the week. We challenge you to embark on this unique adventure!

Castaways Tentative Itinerary



Cape Breeze is a packed week, filled with activities that Cape Cod is all about: sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking. Spend your nights enjoying an array of traditional camp activities and your days on some of the best stretches of water on the Cape. This boating-focused program starts by covering the basics and progresses toward more advanced skills. Boating instruction is led by professional sailing and windsurfing schools, and kayaking is facilitated by two experienced trip leaders. The highlight of the week is a day trip on Nantucket Sound, where each participant has a chance to take the helm of a large cutter‐rigged sail boat.

Cape Breeze Tentative Itinerary



We leave Base Camp behind for a week of cycling the quiet back roads of this special Island. It’s not all biking though, as we have time to swim, take a kayak lesson and visit the old whaling town. We reside at the Hostelling International Youth Hostel, where we cook and interact with guests from around the world.

Nantucket Biking Tentative Itinerary



Gentle hills and lots of places to swim make the Cape & Islands a great place to bike. Cycle the quiet back roads and bike paths of the Vineyard, as we explore this historic Island. We take a guided kayak tour, visit the historic towns and cruise along the Island’s beautiful beaches. We reside at the Hostelling International Youth Hostel, where we cook and interact with guests from around the world.

Martha’s Vineyard Biking Tentative Itinerary



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For more information about our teen programs, please contact Jen Wejsa, Adventure Trips & Teen Director, at 508-428-2571 ext. 109 or jen@ssymca.org.