Welcome to Adventure Trips


Our Tradition of Adventure

Camp Burgess & Hayward’s Adventure Trips programs have been empowering youth since 1986. Our Base Camp location is on Cape Cod, just one hour south of Boston in the historic town of Sandwich, amidst over 300 acres of forests, meadows, sparkling freshwater ponds and adjacent to the Camp Burgess Farm. All programs are co-ed and serve youth ages 12-17. We operate year-round and offer a variety of one-week and weekend programs, where everyone has the opportunity to be challenged with engaging activities, make new friends, gain independence, and learn valuable life skills, all while experiencing adventure on Cape Cod and beyond. We invite you to visit during one of our Open Houses or take a Virtual Tour!


Our Philosophy

Outdoor adventure, experiential learning, and leadership development form the foundation of our program. We strive to foster an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and inclusive group membership among all trip participants and trip leaders as well as provide the opportunity for personal growth and self-reflection during a memorable week of relationship-building. Each trip provides countless learning opportunities as individuals are encouraged to set personal goals, step out of their comfort zones, and work towards acquiring new abilities and achievements. Participants will accept responsibility for planning and cooking their own meals as a team, gain benefits from giving back to the community, and learn a variety of useful skills such as fire-building, knot tying or fixing a flat tire! Along the way they will boost their self-confidence, gain independence, enhance their leadership qualities and maximize their potential as they reflect on their personal progress throughout the week. We also aim to instill an appreciation of nature and cultivate curiosity, while stressing the importance of safety during all adventures. With a great range of summer and year-round opportunities – from surfing the waves or skiing the slopes to surviving on a ‘deserted’ island or just chillin’ – individuals are encouraged to choose the trip that is right for them.


Our Staff

We employ a dynamic team of role models from across the United States and abroad. Our leaders are safety-minded mentors and experiential educators who come to us with a range of skills and diverse backgrounds. They each possess a passion for adventure and a background in empowering youth. Staff must be at least 21 years old, have a clean driving record, and currently hold First Aid, CPR/AED, and Lifeguard certifications. Strict background and criminal history checks are diligently performed on all applicants in the US, as well as home countries for international staff. Our leaders also participate in a two week training program that includes safety and emergency procedures, YMCA camp policies, logistics management, skill refinement, and much more. We believe that a high quality and well-trained staff results in memorable and rewarding adventures for all!

Experience the adventure with us!



For more information, please contact the Adventure Trips Director, Jim DiCenzo, via email jdicenzo@ssymca.org or phone 508-428-2571 ext. 109.